The 2020 Virtual GBC Fund "Walk"


Download this Sponsor worksheet. It will help you keep track of the donations you receive for your Gouverneur Breast Cancer Walk activity. Walk, Run, Bike, and raise money for those diagnosed or recovering from breast or ovarian cancer. All funds go directly to those in need.

Our Virtual Walk ended on October 31st. Participants may drop off pledge sheets and money
collected on November 1st from Noon to 3:00PM at the Gouverneur Community Center. 
We will also be selling  some breast cancer items that day. All are welcome!

This year has presented challenges... and opportunities. Over the months of September and October, we invite walkers, runners, and bikers to come together to raise money for those whose lives have been impacted by breast or ovarian cancer in St. Lawrence, Lewis, Jefferson, and Franklin counties, New York. 


For the past 18 years, crowds have assembled on the Saturday after Mother's Day to walk one mile and raise money for the fund. This year, we invite you to participate in whatever way you want; walk, bike or run. Set your goal, get your sponsors, and join us in a virtual fundraiser. 

Here's how our VIRTUAL WALK will work...

1. Register for the Event

(Deadline for Oct. 10 t-shirt pick up is Sept. 30th - October registration cut-off 10/15/20 - t-shirt pick up Nov. 1st)


Click the "Register" button on our home page. This will take you to the GBC Walk Fundraising page. There you will create your personal fundraising page. Add some personality to your page, like a photo or a story. You want to encourage people to contribute to your fundraiser. Your page is where you entice them to do that. You can set a goal for the amount you want to raise or just collect contributions.

Teams? YES!  If you want to set up a team, after you register, you'll see a button that will allow you to do that. Your team members must also be registered in order to add them to your team. Set an individual or team goal and your sponsors will help you raise money.

2. Get Sponsors and Get Active

During the months of September and October, we invite you and your team to participate in an activity for which sponsors give you money. You might choose to run, walk, or bike. This website will guide you in how to report your contributions from your team's page.


You can use the 2020 Pledge Worksheet to keep track of your sponsors, but be sure to record donations on your online donor wall, to have them count toward the final tally.

Set a goal or just collect as many contributions as you can... then "Get 'er Done!" The campaign will last until October 31, 2020.

3. Pick up your GBCF 2020 T-Shirt

Everyone who registers​, automatically contributes a $35.00 donation. This entitles you to this year's GBCF T-shirt. Only those who have registered for the Virtual Walk in September, get a t-shirt on Oct. 10. Your shirt may be picked up in the Village Park on October 10, 2020 - from Noon to 3:00 PM. If you register in October, you may pick up your shirt at the November 1, 2020 Donation Drop-Off, at the Gouverneur Community Center, from Noon - 3:00PM. If you are unable to pick up your shirt at either of these in-person events, contact one of the GBCF Committee to make arrangements.

4. Turn in Your Fundraising Donations

Once you have completed your fundraising activity, you can mail the proceeds to the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Committee at PO Box 64, Gouverneur, NY 13642. Or you can turn your donation to the Committee in person on Saturday, November 1, 2020 at the Gouverneur Community Center, from Noon - 3:00PM.

We hope to get back to an actual walk event, next Spring. Hope is powerful.

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All donations go directly to someone in need.


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