We don’t know how Strong we are until being Strong is the Only Choice.

This button will take you to the GBC Walk website. Register for the "Walk," create or join a team, appeal for sponsors, keep track of donations, and see the progress of your fellow "walkers." 

Use a credit card to donate to a specific person or team, or to the Virtual Walk. This button is for those who do not want to participate in the Virtual Walk, but want to donate to show their support. Donate during September and October, 2020.

A Very Unique Breast Cancer "Walk"

In these unique times, we had to cancel our traditional walk. As a result, we have planned a way for you and your team to walk, run, or bike and use those activities to raise money that goes directly to those afflicted by breast and ovarian cancer in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, and Franklin counties... Set your own goal, alert your sponsors, take your pledges and get it done, YOUR way! (Sponsors can donate to you or your team, with a credit card... new this year!)


Use the buttons, above, to register at the Virtual Walk website or "Donate" to make a donation to an individual, team or to the cause.

Learn more about how a "virtual walk" will work...

Join the Community in Support of the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund

Donate/Join the 19th Annual
Virtual Breast Cancer Walk

What We Do

Every penny of donation that comes in to the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund goes to help someone who is facing the long road from diagnosis to recovery from breast or ovarian cancer in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, and Franklin Counties, New York. 

All funds received from donations become direct financial support to someone who is facing a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer and needs help during this challenging time; you can have peace of mind that your donations will reach a friend, colleague, loved one or neighbor.

Join in our Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund's (virtual) "Walk" to make possible more assistance. Thanks to you and your continued support and dedication in this fight... No one fights alone! Go to the Walk website.

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