Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund and Compassionate Care Foundation are excited to announce a collaboration to assist breast and ovarian cancer patients living in the North Country. Through the efforts of the Compassionate Care Foundation and their sponsors, cancer patients will be able to receive Integrative Complementary Treatments to assist in the recovery and treatment of their disease at no cost to the patient. These treatments consist of Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, and nutritional education, combining the mind, body, spirit connection.

Through this joint effort the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund will be able to provide plant-based products formulated to address common post treatment side effects such as, hair loss, post radiation burns, skin damage and post operative healing in their patient recovery gift bags combined with additional therapies as needed.

Any cancer patient interested in receiving services or more information provided by Compassionate Care Foundation may contact them through their website at www.compassionate-care.org . Breast and ovarian cancer patients may inquire about services available through the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund here.

What We Do

Every penny of donation that comes into the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund goes to help someone who is facing the long road from diagnosis to recovery from breast or ovarian cancer in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, and Franklin Counties, New York.

All funds received from donations become direct financial support to someone who is facing a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer and needs help during this challenging time; you can have peace of mind that your donations will reach a friend, colleague, loved one, or neighbor.


The Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund Committee